The purpose of the funeral is to acknowledge that a life has been lived, that a death has occurred, and allow for the expression of feelings and support. There is no single proper funeral service. It is a time for human sharing in its deepest sense. You and the ones you love are at the very center of the process, and the choices you make will determine its significance for you. As you participate in the planning of the funeral service, you help create a meaningful experience for everyone. A funeral that truly captures the spirit and personality of a loved one celebrates the life that has passed and gives comfort to those still living.

It is the goal of Trahan Funeral Chapel & Prearrangement Center to help people complete the relationship with the one who has died and to provide a climate that encourages each person to give and receive emotional support. During the funeral ceremony, family and friends have an opportunity to come together to celebrate and remember. 

Complete Funeral Service

Traditionally, the funeral will be a complete funeral service. This includes a family or public viewing of the deceased followed by a service, typically in the church or at the funeral home. This is followed by the earth or above ground burial of the casketed remains. Most cemeteries require that a minimum grave liner or vault be used to encase the casket when earth burial is selected to protect the gravesite and withstand the weight of the earth to maintain the cemetery property. Vaults are constructed of concrete and are designed to not only protect the gravesite, but are manufactured with inner liners that restrict the entrance of graveside elements (water and earth) and increase the strength of the vault.  See Funeral Merchandise

Graveside Service

The graveside service is another choice. This many times would follow a time of limited visitation at the funeral home. The casketed remains would then be transferred to the cemetery where a graveside ceremony could take place followed by the burial.

Personalized Services

At Trahan Funeral Chapel & Prearrangement Center, we encourage families to create very personalized services. It is important to acknowledge that a life has been lived and to offer the community a way in which to celebrate that life. By offering services and memorialization choices that are personal and special, a unique life can be remembered and honored in an individualized way that is comforting to the family and friends so you can begin the healing process.  We are here to help you “Tell the Story” and “Remember the Life”.

How We Can Serve You

When a death occurs, your primary responsibility is to yourself and the ones you love. There are a number of things that require attention simultaneously. Regardless of the day or hour, Trahan Funeral Chapel & Prearrangement Center is always prepared to respond to your needs quickly and competently. Our main function is to assist you with the necessary details of the funeral process. Among the many services we provide are:

  • Arranging funeral plans
  • Securing necessary permits and death certificates
  • Care and custody of the body
  • Coordinating all details with the clergy
  • Arranging the music you have selected
  • Placing obituary and funeral notices in the media
  • Assisting in arranging for burial or cremation
  • Assisting in arrangements for cemetery space, grave opening and closing, and flowers
  • Assisting with the selection of the monument or grave marker
  • Arranging transportation for you and the members of your family prior to, during, and after the funeral
  • Supervision of the funeral or memorial service
  • All necessary arrangements for transportation, funeral service, and burial if the deceased is to be sent to a distant location
  • Assistance with Veterans Benefits, Social Security, Insurance, and other benefits

For more information about our professional services, please contact us by e-mail or call at 989-893-6583. We are here to help.