Cremation Merchandise

The selection of cremation merchandise may include a Casket, Urn, Urn Vault, Keepsake Jewelry, Video Tribute, Service Folders, Acknowledgement Cards, Memorial Markers, and Monuments. All come in wide variety of styles and prices. Each can be personalized to reflect the life and interests of the deceased.  Depending on the type of service and the place of final disposition you decide will determine your specific needs. We can guide you through these important decisions and give you all the available options.


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Cremation Caskets

If there is any type of service prior to cremation, a casket is needed. A Traditional Casket may be chosen or any of our Cremation Caskets. We offer a choice of Rental Caskets and Caskets for Purchase which are designed specifically for cremation and are crafted with the same quality and care. We also have a variety of Alternative Containers made of cardboard from which to choose. Visit our Cremation Caskets page

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When a service or gathering takes place after cremation the selection of an urn is important since the urn is a dignified receptacle for the cremated remains. It serves as a focal point at a memorial service, and a permanent memorial to the deceased. We offer a wide range of styles and prices appropriate for burial, niches, scattering, keepsakes, or discreet placement in your home. Most urns can be personalized with name, dates, engravings, and laser designs. Let us customize an urn that is a personal tribute for someone you love. For more information view our Urn Page.

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Urn Vaults

Urn vaults are protective containers in which urns are placed if buried in a cemetery. Much like burial vaults for caskets, urn vaults protect the urn from being crushed and prevent the ground above them from caving in over time. We can assist you in your selection of an urn vault that meets the cemetery requirements which fits within your budget.



Remembrance Keepsake Jewelry

As families continue to grow and move throughout the country, they are finding that they want to create lasting, treasured memories of their loved one by sharing portions of the remains in personal mementos or uniquely designed jewelry. These distinctive pieces help create a touching tribute to honor a life well lived. Some pieces can hold a token of cremated remains, earth from the burial site, crushed flowers, or nothing at all, simply a personal touchstone in remembrance of your loved one.  Visit our Keepsake Jewelry and Thumbie page.




Cemetery Monuments and Markers

Permanent memorials stand the test of time. They are a solid and visible tribute to a life that has been lived. They individualize and designate a physical place where loved ones can come to pay their respects. We can customize each one with laser etchings, photos, personalized carvings and verses. See our Monument Design page.




Video Tribute

Let us create a personal video tribute for you with photos that your family has collected through the years. It provides an opportunity to reflect on the good times shared through photos and music you choose by the artist of your choice. We specialize in providing this unique way of remembering a life well-lived and telling the story of your loved one.   


Memorial Registry Gifts

A variety of Memorial Guest Books, Service Folders and Acknowledgment Cards are available that can be personalized to reflect the life and interests of the deceased.



Our staff can assist with the selection of floral tributes for you. A wide variety of choices are available that can be displayed at the service, ceremony, or visitation.